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Work instructions made easier

Streamline your work instructions

Starling Streamliner is software used to create and view live electronic work instructions in a user friendly way. Work instructions can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and desktops, moving away from traditional paper methods. Our electronic work instruction software also provides the facility for your training and auditing of work instructions, enabling you to go paperless.

Manual work instructions can result in a number of problems, such as non-conformities from version control and a lack of understanding from text-based instructions. Our electronic work instruction software helps you to overcome these challenges, reducing the firefighting so that you can be proactive about process improvements.

User-friendly step by step guides
Full traceability
Fast search functionality
Integrated training management
Videos, photos and PDFs
Work instruction templates
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Have a look at how our software has helped the UK's largest manufacturer of vitamin and mineral supplements overcome the challenges of a paper-based work instruction and training process:

Find out for yourself how our electronic work instruction software could transform your company:

Streamliner features

Create on the go

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Add your instructions on a mobile device as you go, using the device's camera to add photos and videos directly into your instructions.

Clearer communication

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Communicate more effectively with your operators using pictures and videos, in turn this will improve quality and reduce errors.

Keep it simple

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The system has been designed with simplicity in mind; in a world of clutter it helps your operators to focus on what is important.

Training management

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Manage training across all departments and documents in one place, you can easily spot the training gaps and ensure training is up-to-date.

Increase feedback

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Your operators can request a change to the instructions which helps you continually improve your processes and quality whilst increasing user buy-in.

Automate approvals

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Simply submit the instructions for approval and the system will handle the rest for you - save time and energy by automating your approval process.

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Why electronic work instruction software?

Starling was founded to drive continual improvement and quality whilst solving a number of the problems associated with manually controlled work instructions. With our roots in manufacturing we understand the problems that can result from manually controlled work instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We understand that keeping track of so much paperwork and ensuring only the most up-to-date versions are used is a time consuming, non-productive and often frustrating task - not to mention the associated risk of non-compliance.

Automated approvals
Full training history
Departmental structure
Cloud based infrastructure
Instant availability
Work instruction audits

We have engineered a software solution that streamlines the whole process of creating electronic work instructions enabling you to go paperless, we call it Streamliner. Streamliner provides a complete package for managing your work instructions, standard operating procedures and training in one place. If you would like to see more about why we think digital work instructions are so important then you may find this article to be of interest.

Streamliner is particularly designed for companies operating a quality management system based on ISO 9001, such as IATF 16949 (formerly TS 16949), ISO 13485 and AS 9100. These standards require the use of work instructions for quality critical processes.

How we work

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  • We are hands on

    Unlike other companies we would prefer to come and visit you in order to understand your organisation and your requirements rather than offer a purely remote service.

  • Round pegs, round holes

    Streamliner is a great fit in a variety of environments and is customisable, however if we didn’t believe it was the right answer for you we would advise accordingly.

  • We plan ahead

    Our cloud based infrastructure enables easy scalability to meet your requirements.

  • Security is key

    Streamliner was built with security at the centre and is tested externally to ensure the software is sufficiently protected from the OWASP top 10 threats and more.

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