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Work Instructions Communication

Clear communication

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It is important that when giving work instructions they are communicated clearly. Traditionally work instructions have been very text heavy which take time to read and understand. However the use of electronic work instructions provides the opportunity for alternative methods of communication, meaning that work instructions can be much more visual. Within Streamliner we have provided multiple tools for communicating work instructions to your operators, these include photos, videos, text, tables and annotations.

Make use of multimedia

As humans we process visual cues, such as pictures, much faster than text. This means that making use of pictures and videos in your work instructions will reduce the time taken for your operators to go through and understand them.

In addition pictures are much easier to remember than text, we are able to remember over 2,000 pictures several days later in recognition tests with at least 90% accuracy. Our memory for words cannot compete with this, click here for more.

To find out more about Streamliner or to book a demo then do get in touch. To read about more of our top features see below.

Streamliner features

Create on the go

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Add your instructions on a mobile device as you go, using the device's camera to add photos and videos directly into your instructions.

Clearer communication

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Communicate more effectively with your operators using pictures and videos, in turn this will improve quality and reduce errors.

Keep it simple

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The system has been designed with simplicity in mind; in a world of clutter it helps your operators to focus on what is important.

Training management

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Manage training across all departments and documents in one place, you can easily spot the training gaps and ensure training is up-to-date.

Increase feedback

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Your operators can request a change to the instructions which helps you continually improve your processes and quality whilst increasing user buy-in.

Automate approvals

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Simply submit the instructions for approval and the system will handle the rest for you - save time and energy by automating your approval process.

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